Fashion Crowd Funding Project Invites Your Support: Share, Contribute, or Both!

The L for LAZARUS Indiegogo crowd funding project has just launched and we’re looking for your support. Even if you can’t contribute financially, we’re offering great prize just for  circulating the project in your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – so check the project details for more information. Please have a look … Continue reading

A Girl Must Be Two Things…

Guest Post (1) Author –  Tiffany Apostolou First of all, I would like to thank the fabulous editor of the L FOR LAZARUS blog for this opportunity.  I was given the freedom to write anything about personality and inner-beauty, a couple of the most interesting discussion topics ever!  Yet, I got stuck on even where … Continue reading

I Love Mullets

There, I said it. I first fell in love with my first mullet well over 20 years ago.  It was a university black tie ball and suddenly, there it was.  It was love at first sight, spectacular, bronzed, short at the front, long at the back with a beautiful bodice.  I would have course have … Continue reading

Fashion, Latex and the ‘Dark Genius’ Bob Carlos Clarke

I can’t remember how I first came across the photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, but I know I loved his work from the moment I saw it.  I guess this quote taken from his book Obsession just about sums up how I feel. “Somewhere between the murkiness of uncompromising porn and ‘acceptable’ erotic art lies an … Continue reading