How to Style the Lana Wrap (video)

To see all TEN ways you can wear the Lana Wrap visit! Advertisements

L for LAZARUS Featured in 72M Magazine

L for LAZARUS was featured in 72M Magazine. How did L for LAZARUS start out, and what lessons have I learnt? Read the article to find out. Don’t forget to check out the magazine as well! Click here to read the article Click here to read the entire magazine Ps. Have you already shared the … Continue reading

Amsterdam Fashion Week

Yesterday I was invited to Amsterdam Fashion Week by Jaap le Poole, owner at the fabulous web magazine (and soon to launch web shop)  Color Objects.  If you like colour in your life then you really need to check this out. Anyway, as any of you living in the Netherlands know, summer has ‘somewhat avoided … Continue reading

Who’s The Victim Now?

Guest Post (3) Author – ML-X Fashion is not my thing. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I walk around naked, but  if you ask me, there’s a reason why they call avid fashion followers “fashion victims”.  And how can being a “victim” be a positive thing? Exactly.  To me, what you wear is a … Continue reading

Great FREE Magazine for Women!

I love the idea of sharing great discoveries. There are so many people who are blogging, or have caught the entrepreneurial bug. And it’s great to feel like I’ve helped them along their way, often by doing something small like sharing their links in my social networks. And when that discovery pledges to “support women … Continue reading

A Girl’s Best Friend…

Guest Post (2) Author – Norma Tavarez Have you ever had that awkward moment, at the cash register, when you can’t find the card you want to pay with? Or they ask for ID?  And who knows where that’s been stashed! Sound familiar? A great wallet, or purse depending on which continent you live, is an … Continue reading

The Scrawny Style Icon with Huge Feet

‘How do I look?’ said Audrey Hepburn, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Well the first in our series of style icons always looked                             A-MA-ZING! Funny to think that at the start of her career she was described as scrawny, flat chested, ill-proportioned with … Continue reading

I Love Mullets

There, I said it. I first fell in love with my first mullet well over 20 years ago.  It was a university black tie ball and suddenly, there it was.  It was love at first sight, spectacular, bronzed, short at the front, long at the back with a beautiful bodice.  I would have course have … Continue reading

Your Personal Style Thesaurus

I love cookery shows and flicking thought cookery books.  For me they give great inspiration.  But let’s be honest, on a Tuesday night after a long day at work, how often do you have all the ingredients at your fingertips? The cooks I admire most, like my mother and grandmother, are the ones that can … Continue reading