In Need of Some Feel Good Inspiration?

Some days we all need a little help, something uplifting, something inspirational.  The following lyrics are from a song that, for me, does exactly that. Now music is very personal and I’d hate for you not to read these wonderful words  because you don’t like the artist.  Just read….and if the words help inspire you, … Continue reading

Fashion – An Induced Epidemic?

The concept of ‘fashion’ has been around for quite some time.   I think that in caveman days, there was probably fierce competition over the ‘latest’ skins taken into camp, just like the first day of the Harrods sale…only to be attempted by those with real courage! Those of you know read the L FOR LAZARUS blog … Continue reading

The Disease You Should Want to Catch

I talk a lot about inner beauty.  But I’ve always found it very hard to define. My brand, L FOR LAZARUS, is aimed at women who love fashion but more importantly have an inner confidence and their own sense of style.  And I believe that every single women (and man) is beautiful.  I just think … Continue reading

To be Beautiful Means…