Amsterdam Fashion Week

Yesterday I was invited to Amsterdam Fashion Week by Jaap le Poole, owner at the fabulous web magazine (and soon to launch web shop)  Color Objects.  If you like colour in your life then you really need to check this out.

Anyway, as any of you living in the Netherlands know, summer has ‘somewhat avoided us this year’ and trying to find an outfit to wear was proving a little challenging to say the least.  When Jaap called to confirm the time we were meeting, he actually solved my dilema ” You are going to wear an L for LAZARUS wrap.” he said.  In hindsight it seems kinda obvious but your own self-promotion is kinda hard!

So I ended up wearing a black Vivienne Westwood dress, black heels and the Lana Wrap in beige…belted at the front which was perfect for the occasion, even though it’s July.  And it was easy to take a light leather jacket in my Lakota bag for the cycle home.  Yes, I know I should have taken a picture but anyway…




Karssenberg-Greidanus had a spectacular opening; a model with her upper body hidden in an enormous balloon prior to their ingenious collection of raincoats and dresses – perfect for our rainy Dutch ‘summers’, with muddied boots (as if we needed reminding!).

We then ‘blagged’ our way into the G-star Lichting 2012 award to see 14 of the hottest up and coming Dutch designer, nominated by their fashion academies, present their collections. I can imagine that the international panel of judges had a pretty tough time deciding on an eventual winner as all the collections were equally innovative, to my untrained eye at least.

Huge congratulations to Yvonee Kwok, the eventual winner .

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