Great FREE Magazine for Women!

I love the idea of sharing great discoveries.

There are so many people who are blogging, or have caught the entrepreneurial bug. And it’s great to feel like I’ve helped them along their way, often by doing something small like sharing their links in my social networks.

And when that discovery pledges to “support women all over the world, by giving them inspirational content that will uplift, educate, inspire and encourage women to connect and unite with each other”, worldwide…

…And is FREE?   Then I had to create a post about it.

So I’d like to share with you a few details about the great on-line Inspirational Woman Magazine.

Each publication is themed around an inspirational topic. Past editions have included Culture, Success, Peace and Unity.

I discovered the current Soul issue and with L FOR LAZARUS’s belief of inner beauty it was a perfect read!  Articles range from Why Being Positive is Good for Your Soul, to Steps to Attaining Your Soul’s Purpose and there are great fashion and recipe sections.

So, ladies, this little bird is suggesting you check out the current Soul issue of Inspirational Woman Magazine and sign up for their mailing list.  You won’t regret it!


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