The BITCH Style Icon

Bitch is a strong word, but I love how my second style icon, Tabatha Coffey, reclaimed the word in much the same was as The Vagaina Monologues reclaimed the ‘c’ word.

For those of you who don’t know her, she presents Tabatha Takes Over  and uses her sound advice and savvy expertise to help turn around a wide variety of struggling businesses.

I’m personally addicted to any show that I can learn from to further my own entrepreneurial persuit as a designer and find Coffey, and Australian native, both charismatic and inspiring.

She has a depth of knowledge from management style to marketing and I love watching her literally whip failing business into shape.

And this strong woman, achieved the reputation of a bitch with  ‘on-air ‘put downs’ to business owners include great lines including:

“Brian has the emotional capacity of a spreadsheet.”

“The management in Sweetgrass is absolutely f—ed.”

“She’s a crap employee. And when I come back in six weeks, I hope she’s gone.”

But one dictionary definition of a bitch describes a woman who is malicious, spiteful, selfish, and overbearing, and Tabatha is none of these things.

She’s just a strong woman, who expresses what she thinks and feels, holds people accountable for their actions, has high standards, a great brain and believes in herself.

So I loved how Tabatha redefined the word in a recent Huffinton Post interview 






“If people want to call me a bitch for having standards, passion, and expectations, being honest, standing up for what I believe in, and having no problem saying what I think, then I will own it on my terms.”


And I think Tabatha is a modern day style icon.

It’s so hard to define exactly what a style icon is, but this lady knows what suits her, rocks an edgy hair-style, creatively uses black as her signature colour and always looks fashionable with a unique ‘Tabatha’ edge.

Tabatha said “A bitch finds his or her creative outlet and never gives up using it to express himself or herself. This expression could inspire others and create something that affects the world in a small or large way, or it could just bring you happiness, whether you go out to your garage and start fiddling with computer components or jot down your favorite story… and you don’t have to be Steve Jobs or J.K. Rowling!” 

So even though I still can’t say the Vagina Monologues ‘c’ word out loud, thanks to Tabatha Coffey, I can proudly proclaim myself a ‘bitch’.

So do you think Tabatha Coffey is a style icon?

Who are your style icons of today?

2 Responses to “The BITCH Style Icon”
  1. Agree with you, but when I speak with my friends for us bitch means frustrated woman who doesn’t have nothing smart to do in her life but destroying other people’s lives. Although Meryl Streep’s role in Devil wears Prada is really bitchy, in mine and your ways

    • lforlazarus says:

      I think we’ve all met those ‘bitchy’ women, it just good to know that they are in the minority. These women seem to take out their frustrations with themselves and their own lives on other people. Here’s to treating people the way you wish to be treated!

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