A Girl’s Best Friend…

Guest Post (2) Author – Norma Tavarez

Have you ever had that awkward moment, at the cash register, when you can’t find the card you want to pay with?

Or they ask for ID?  And who knows where that’s been stashed!

Sound familiar?

A great wallet, or purse depending on which continent you live, is an essential item for every girl about town!

For me, a perfect wallet should be practical, durable and of course, fashionable.  Its’ main task is to keep you organized and give you easy access to the items inside.  Sounds simple, but it’s surprising how many wallets look amazing but don’t actually meet these basic criteria.

And once you have your perfect wallet, it’s now your job to maintain it.  It’s so easy to throw in random items such as receipts, loose change, membership cards… but it shouldn’t become an oasis for receipts or for anything else that you can squeeze inside it!

A ‘good relationship’ with your wallet means less stress for you both.  After all, it’s the one thing that rarely stays home, whether you’re heading to the shops, to work, or for a night out!

Here are my ‘rules of engagement’ for selecting and maintaining a stress free wallet or purse:

1)     Find a practical wallet that fits your lifestyle.  If you carry a lot of credit cards and ID’s, make sure you have enough dedicated compartments for each.

2)     Keep the cards that you use regular in the most accessible compartments.

3)     Assign a place for receipts and transfer them to a more permanent place regularly!

4)     Keep a separate coin holder for that handy loose change that is rarely ‘at hand’ when you need it.

5)     Don’t mix membership cards and business cards with credit cards.

6)     Separate your store cards from your credit cards.

7)     Above all, don’t carry too much personal information.  Sadly, identity theft is becoming an increasing problem.  (And remember to always keep copies of front and back of each card and if something does happen, change your credit card number!)

Here are a few items I find both practical and fashionable:

$178 –  Kate Spade – Mikas Pond Lacey

$178 Kate Spade – Mikas Pond Lacey http://bit.ly/JiIKgP

$98.00 Co-Lab by Christopher Kon 1173 Wallet

hope this helps next time you’re looking for a new wallet.

Thank for reading, and to the editor of the L FOR LAZARUS blog for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.


Norma Tavarez is an International Accountant who was raised in New York City and is inspired by art, culture, nature, people, music, and fashion.  She recently moved to a small town in Texas, with her family, where she works from home and cares for her two year old son.  Norma created the blog www.stilettosorpajamas.com to chronicle her journey of how her personal style is changing discovering her personal style to fit her new life.

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