A Girl Must Be Two Things…

Guest Post (1) Author –  Tiffany Apostolou

First of all, I would like to thank the fabulous editor of the L FOR LAZARUS blog for this opportunity.  I was given the freedom to write anything about personality and inner-beauty, a couple of the most interesting discussion topics ever!  Yet, I got stuck on even where to begin!

So I’ll start with someone else’s words:

“A girl must be two things, classy and fabulous.”  –  Coco Chanel

Now, if one defines “fabulous” in his or her own terms, that is where, I believe, you’ll  find style and beauty.  A happy person, satisfied with their utterly unique personality and style choices is a person that literally glows, and that very glow is what makes people beautiful.

Fashion is a lovely way to express yourself. Sure there are seasonal trends, and written or unwritten rules, but just like every other means of expression, and rules, they are meant to be used freely.  Where would we be today if people didn’t “freestyle” on society’s rules?

Chanel changed the way women dressed in a most conservative period of corsets and voluminous hats.  And Zooey Deschanel shines despite her bullied past, by being happy in her own skin and choices.

There are few things in life where one does not need to compromise, follow society’s norms or take a step back. And one of those, is style.

I realize I may sound poetic, but to take it on a research level, through my studies on architecture and aesthetics, one thing that I came to acknowledge is that we live in a time where there are so many different opinions on what is aesthetically correct that everyone falls into one or another category of beauty.

The trick is to just love yours!


Tiffany Apostolou is a recent architecture graduate, who always had a thing for creating her own worlds. She started illustrating children’s stories, murals and her own blog (www.stylish-chatterboxing.com) as a break from pressing schedules. Recently, she moved back to New York, after a long stay in Europe, and intends to continue her graduate studies in theory, and work. In the meantime, Tiffany has her own Etsy shop, Kataifi by Tiffany (http://www.etsy.com/your/listings), is currently writing a book and illustrating.

6 Responses to “A Girl Must Be Two Things…”
  1. Sherry says:

    Interesting perspective and I guess it gives us all confidence and there’s no wrong way to showing you have style! Good to see this on your blog Nicolette!

  2. tiffany says:

    I’m happy so many agree. Individuality is what makes life beautiful and interesting!

  3. stilettosorpajamas says:

    Very nice! Women should not allow themselves to fall into a pattern or category of what’s beautiful. After all, The uniqueness in all creates the beauty in each!

  4. dbdbdbdbd says:

    Such a great article 🙂 I really enjoyed reading it. very inspiring. I agree with many of the points you made. Style is the soul’s way of expressing it’s individuality.

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