I Disagree with Christian Louboutin!

Like most women, I’ve loved heels for as long as I can remember.  There’s just something about the way a great pair of heels make you look and feel.  And regardless of what I already have in my wardrobe, I always hanker after my next pair from one the top designers.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that part of the way a woman dresses is to impress the opposite sex.  But more importantly, I think we women dress to make help ourselves feel good.  I’m a huge believer in inner beauty and I’ve been told that there is nothing more attractive than a woman who not only looks good, but feels good about herself.  And a great pair of heels sure can help!

But I disagree with Christian Louboutin.

There are countless times I’ve bought those fantastic, lets face it ‘fuck me shoes’ and stepped out feeling amazing, only to regret the decision an hour later whilst standing in a club or bar.  I don’t think I’m alone when I say that the increasing discomfort of your shoes can have a huge bearing on how you feel and your enjoyment of a night (or day) out.

And I love the design of Louboutin shoes, who doesn’t.  When Louboutin said in a recent interview in the Telegraph that high heels are ‘‘pleasure with pain’‘ it didn’t really bother me as, lets face it, I’ve not owned many kick ass heels that I could run a marathon in.  But when he added that he had no sympathy for women complain about wearing the shoes”   it made me a little mad!

Christian Louboutin has openly admitted he hates the whole concept of comfort“Comfy, that’s one of the WORST words! I just picture a woman feeling bad, with a big bottle of alcohol, really puffy. It’s really depressing, but she likes her life because she has comfortable clogs.”

Well let me tell you, Mr Louboutin, there is nothing more depressing than the edge being taken off a fabulour evening because your heels are killing you (but I guess you’ve never experienced that).

I think we women are being sold short by designers not taking comfort into account…and comfort shouldn’t have to mean a pair of clogs!

Now I’m not saying everyone finds his shoes uncomfortable, or that any pair of heels, from any other designer is 100% comfortable, but isn’t it laughable that we pay hundreds of pounds, essentially for pain, making him a very rich man in the process?

And I personally think men laugh at us women putting ourselves through this torture, especially when Louboutin states ‘The core of my work is dedicated not to pleasing women, but to pleasing men.’

But of course, we maintain we (mainly) dress for ourselves.

I hate the idea of being taken for a fool and really think that my needs and wants should be considered by a designer.  I can guarantee I’ll continue to buy shoes that will be uncomfortable in some way, but I also know, that by making his view so public, I won’t be buying a pair of Laboutins… regardless of how fabulous they look!

Do you agree or disagree?

7 Responses to “I Disagree with Christian Louboutin!”
  1. Elaine says:

    That there is fightin’ talk! And i agree with you!

  2. Jolly says:

    I totally agree. I bought a pair of killer spiked heeled booties by mea shadow and they are amazingly comfortable. I really can wear them all day and somehow even maintain my balance with some sort of ease. Proof that it’s possible, just requires great design – and possibly a female designer?

  3. Princess Martha says:

    Ugh…this is such a horrible thing to come from the mouth of my favorite shoe designer…it comes across so out of touch with his clientele…
    And I for one love a beautiful shoe, but that doesn’t mean if I look for a more comfortable option I am in search of clogs…
    Designers, take women into consideration and break out of that mold…and do something truly revolutionary…design a kick-ass comfortable heel…I’m not asking for cross-trainers, just something that won’t make me seriously contemplate walking barefoot on the streets of Miami….

  4. Stephylou says:

    I agree 100% with your view. I realize he’s a man and maybe his style/ brand is geared towards the fetish type, but when it comes to classy and sexy, most men just prefer nude 😉

    Not only that, a comfy girl is a happy girl and happy (being the way you feel) is way sexy.

  5. cestmylife says:

    I too love a pair of Killer Heels, but whats the point of shelling out hundreds – sometimes thousands of dollars when you can only wear them for an hour or two. When making a purchase that expensive, for me, it better be “comfy”! love this post.

  6. I really believe his comments were taken out of context as I have read many interviews where he speaks of woman as wonderful creatures that he greatly admires.

    Being lucky enough to own a pair or two I would say due to the half sizes and supple leather his shoes are rather more comfortable than many high street alternatives.

    Great Blog though, I do enjoy a good debate 🙂

  7. ML-X says:

    Oh wow, I can’t believe he actually said that. It’s a very disrespectful thing to say, if you ask me. So I have to agree with you; no more Mr. Louboutin sponsoring from me!

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