Your Personal Style Thesaurus

I love cookery shows and flicking thought cookery books.  For me they give great inspiration.  But let’s be honest, on a Tuesday night after a long day at work, how often do you have all the ingredients at your fingertips?

The cooks I admire most, like my mother and grandmother, are the ones that can open a cupboard and make an amazing meal with whatever they have.  I know from experience that comes from understanding the basics, knowing the flavours you like and how they work together and about having fun and the confidence to experiment.

So, if you love cooking by your own creativity rather than just following recipes then ‘The Flavour Thesarus‘ by Niki Segnit is a must.

The concept is genius. Segnit has taken 99 basic flavours (mint, coriander, basil, strawberry etc.) and researched 980 pairings of them. The result, which has had rave reviews, is part recipe-book, part food memoir, part flavour compendium. 

So what has this got to do with fashion or style?

Every season we’re told by the fashion industry what’s ‘in’.  Whether it’s colour, skirt length, print or type of heel.


Because it’s an indusrty cleverly based our vanity, our need to feel in touch with what’s ‘in-vogue’.  And what better way for an industry to make money than telling us what we wore 6 months ago is ‘out’ and that we need the new ‘in’!

Hey, I’m not criticizing, I’m as interested in ‘what’s hot’ as the next person, but come on, how much of what we see on the runway is really new or in-fact wearable?  How many of us purchase the exact outfit we’ve seen on the catwalk or fashion spread (all be it the high street version) from top-to-toe?

My mum taught me to cook, and to follow fashion, and one of the most important lessons was to develop my own personal style… in both areas.  There’s no magic recipe that tells you how to create your own style.  And let’s face it, what’s more fun that changing your appearance everyday depending on how you feel?

Just like being creative in the kitchen, all you have to do is?

–       Know the basics. For example, what works for your body type?  I used to try and hide my ample chest with high necked shirts and polo-necks until mum pointed out that scoop, round of v-necks were much more flattering (and a good bra of course!).

–       Know what you like. Don’t be just be told what to like. So what if yellow is the ‘in colour’ for this season?  If it makes you look washed out then don’t go near it!

–       Have the confidence to experiment with different looks.  Just like food, a touch of ‘spice’ in the form of anything from a hairpiece, to a new colour, keeps it interesting.

And have fun, at L FOR LAZARUS we know no-one but you can create your personal style thesaurus!



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